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Probably there weren’t so many artists around who combine both attitude and perfect style of making art. And Uji Handoko – also known as Hahan – is currently working on both side of art. Mixing good combination of rock n roll and comic-like sketches. Born February 25 1983, in Kebumen Central Java, Indonesia, he’s now fighting to finish his study at Indonesian Institute of Art, Jogjakarta. He called his own outstanding style a “Youth Trans-Contemporary Agraris” which blends cartoon imagery and comic idiom. He likes taking influences from Paul Pop, Charles Burns, even Andy Warhol. In his own opinion, music and visual artwork can never be divided, they work as a side-kick.

Thus, he has many musical projects to cope with his strong passion on both music and art. A few to mention; he’s listed to be a member of Black Ribbon, Hengky Strawberry, and of course Punkasila. Black Ribbon was one of five participants in “Java Noise Compilation” released only in Australia along with Bertanduk, Aneka Digital Safari, and three other Indonesian bands.

Hahan maybe a lucky artist, he had a chance for three-month residency in Seoul, South Korea. Where he held “Me, my self and city” at Changdong National Art Studio, Seoul, Korea. He used unused boxes as his object, then he recycled the boxes into essential work of art exploring his shock-culture and new experience he had there. Beside that, he got a chance to participate in “Hongkong Art Fair” and “Kick Space Invaders” Australia.

While doing his final project study. Hahan also made some uber-cool merchandise as his “canvas”. He made “I Love YK” campaign as his art propaganda. He produced silk screened pillows, t-shirts, hoodies, and also stickers. In 2006, Hahan hooked up with MOOF to make some other one-of-a-kind merchandise based on his own artwork. This hilarious collaboration lasts until now, this mutual partnership is somehow based on pure creativity and belief in neverending medium exploration. They planned to hook up with other designs which are planned to be released this summer. Hahan is scheduled to hold his single Exhibition sometime in October at “Sigi Art Gallery” Jakarta.


2008 The National Art Studio, Changdong, Seoul, Korea.



Hongkong Art fair 2009, Hongkong
PUNKASILA’S combat art / rock mission to cuba 2009, Tenth Havana Biennial, Cuba
HAVANA AFFAIR, Fundraising Art Exhibition by Punkasila & Friends, One
Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
FREEDOM IN GEEKDOM, Nadi Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia


Jawa Baru, Garis art space, Jakarta, Indonesia
APOCALYPSE NOW, ARK Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
Refresh!, VWFA Singapore
ART Singapore the contemporary asian art fair, Singapore
Loroblonyo Kontemporer, Tri Bakti, Magelang, Indonesia
Utopia Negativa, Langgeng Gallery, Magelang, Indonesia
Jogja Art Fair, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Manifesto, Galeri Nasional, Jakarta, Indonesia
Me,my self and city, Changdong National Art Studio, Seoul, Korea.
Lullaby Visual art exhibition at V-art gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia